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Tutorspace is an end-to-end platform for individuals to receive, arrange and get paid for tutoring/coaching services. Tutorspace make communicating, sending invoices and payments efficient while keeping costs low, allowing you to earn more and guarantee that you would only be providing tutoring or coaching services that has been paid for.

No need to pay the 50% commission fee for every referral, instead you get to keep 80% of whatever you earn. Full transparency on when you would be receiving your payment

You can communicate with new clients without the need to disclose your personal mobile number and email

Guarantee that you will only be providing tutoring services for classes that are fully paid for.

Seller protection when it comes to dispute management.

Full control on pricing and location of your services.

Full control on communication with parents.

A common concern that comes from contracting an individual’s service is the lack of guarantee that they would provide a satisfactory service. However, it is common practise for them to schedule multiple classes and request payment in advance for them. Tutorspace minimises this by introducing a service delivery confirmation system that releases payment only after you have confirmed the service has been delivered.

Service delivery confirmation ensure that payment to tutors will only be released upon your confirmation of successful delivery and make it easy for you to obtain refunds for future classes should you find the service unsatisfactory. This will protect buyers who very often have to make payment in advance but cannot do anything if they are not satisfied with the service.

Our end-to-end platform allows you to browse, enquire and hire home-based tutors and freelancing coaches without the need to share your contact details.

Tutorspace makes renewal of contract with the same individual transparent, easy and efficient. We do not auto-renew contracts unless you choose to so you would not be charged unnecessarily.